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Friday, July 12, 2013

Opportunities and Announcements from Environmental Art Festival Scotland

Environmental Art Festival Scotland (EAFS) have today added to their website details of lots more events, artworks, showcases etc that are part of the festival. These are in addition to the 'Featured Projects' announced a couple of weeks back and the 'Satellite Weekends' announced on the Commonty recently. (Tonia Lu, who is behind the excellent EAFS website, has asked that we stress that the Satellite Weekends will be added to the EAFS site asap - hopefully over the weekend...thanks Tonia!)

Check the updated website - here

A sneak preview from EAFS of the Festival Map

Also today EAFS have announced:

1) A Call for a Photographer (or possibly more than one) to visually document the Festival

2) Volunteering Opportunities at the festival:

More info on volunteering opportunities - here

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