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Monday, July 1, 2013

Riverbank Listening - Working the Tweed

The artists of the Working the Tweed project ( would like to invite you to participate in Riverbank Listening on Thursday 18th July. This is a World Listening Day  project in which people from all over the world are invited to spend some time during the day listening to their environment, be it urban, rural or wilderness.

The four artists of  Working the Tweed, Kate Foster (visual artist), Jules Horne (writer), Claire Pençak (choreographer) and James Wyness (composer) will contribute to World Listening Day 2013 by making a meaningful connection between a celebration of environmental listening, and our own overall aim which is to celebrate the River Tweed catchment in the Scottish Borders. We wish therefore to extend an invitation to everyone to join us in a day of Riverbank Listening.

This is a contribution to both projects in which you are invited to listen and document your experience at the nearest junction of two streams, tributaries or rivers near where you live. We also invite you to send us links to any documentation that you might have made of the listening experience. Many of us won't be aware that we live so close to our streams and rivers, but you'd be surprised.

Here's a link to the project:-

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