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Monday, August 5, 2013

An incredibly edibly vegetable revolution

Those of you more curious types may have noticed some interesting plants popping up in forgotten plant beds on Shakespeare Street, from Rhubarb to courgettes, and beans to strawberries.

Headed up by the Incredible Edible Dumfries - our local branch of a larger movement with a simple concept to reawaken our connections with the food we eat, by putting beds and planters of herbs, fruit and vegetables in public spaces and encouraging local people to help themselves. It’s also about growing community participation and has the potential to develop in many different directions.

Join the vegetable revolution that is Incredible Edible that started in Todmorden

If you see some veggies growing in their previously unloved spot - they are food to share, but feel free to help out with the weeding!

Check out their blog here - keen people who want to get involved should contact them

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