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Friday, August 30, 2013

Not THAT Grey Mares Tail - the OTHER one

From Environmental Art Festival Scotland

One of the the things that folk are agreed about with EAFS is the fact that it is stitched into the landscape of South West Scotland is a 'good thing' - so far so good...but then come the next question' aye, but how?'. Answers vary between extremes, Extreme 1 is the scenario whereby we just give people map references and leave it up to them to find (or not!) the work in the festival - the theory being that the 'finding' is a major part of the experience of the festival. Extreme 2 - has an individually tailored map for each visitor that is graded like a mountain bike trail according to difficulty and ability - this version takes the responsibilily away from the visitor and, instead places the onus on the Festival to utterly risk-proof everyones experience of EAFS. Yes, you know what is coming.....we have chosen to take a middle way. We have opted for locations that will be well-known to locals who like to get off the beaten track.....we have used local names for places.....BUT we have also endeavoured to make our world accessible to others who are either similarly intrepid in their own home patch - or locals who are inspired to branch out a bit.
So - from the top...

1) Every EAFS location has a recognisable external reference - either 'postcode', 'latitude + longitude' or direcions using road numbers and recognisable landmarks.

2) The EAFS Map gives a general indication of each location in the wider geographic area relative to major roads and towns etc

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 21.18.39

3) Detailed sketch maps of the EAFS locations
These are downloadable from this website

Galloway Forest Park

4) ....AND FINALLY - as of today signs have been put up around the region to help (we hope) people find their way to EAFS and our locations
EAFS sign for Cinema Sark in Gretna Green
Final sign for Cinema Sark - just 200 yards to go

We truly hope that somewhere in amongst all of these bits of information is the right amount for you to take a journey of discovery into places, ideas and imagination - and that the Environmental Art Festival Scotland helps you discover something new about this part of Scotland....yourself....and the world we all share.
Ah yes - the Grey Mares Tail....there are lots of waterfalls with this name. The best known one in this part of the world is the one on the Moffat/Selkirk road near to St Marys Loch......well the Grey Mares Tail in EAFs is NOT that one........James Winnett's project 'Rise and Fall of the Grey Mares Tail' is at the waterfall in the Galloway Forest Park - on the A712 between Newton Stewart and New Galloway.
Grey Mares Tail in Galloway Forest Park on A712
As a taster (and a deliberately obscure one in true EAFS style) - here is James Winnett in the OTHER Grey Mares Tail on Tuesday of this week:

HAPPY HUNTING - and remember that it is often better to travel hopefully than to arrive.....we look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones on this auspicious weekend

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