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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Commonty....its granular

We have received the request below from a research team who would like to know more about The Commonty.....if anyone is up for talking to Bronwen/David about your involvement/experience of The Commonty then drop us a line and we'll pass on the details
Hello Commonty

The School of Creative and Cultural Industries at University of the West of Scotland (UWS), in collaboration with colleagues from Glasgow School of Art and Gray's School of Art, have recently embarked on a Creative Scotland funded project called "Collective Futures" to explore business models around collectives with an aim to develop resources that highlight best practices for designer/makers in Scotland.  The project is a collaboration between HEI’s and a select group of “designer/maker residents” across Scotland that we will engage with over the year via three participatory workshops. We are in the process of identifying these “residents” along with a few key experts from either designer/makers or in other disciplines who might be interested in contributing to specific stages of the project. We are focusing on three main areas (North East, South West and the Central Belt).  One of our first tasks is to conduct an environmental scan of existing collectives in each of our focus areas and we have been given your details through discussions with Lesley Rogers of Dumfries and Galloway Council as a collective operating in the South West.
I would be keen to speak with you to gather your perspective on the experience of being part of a collective - including how it was established, its purpose, its longevity, its formal constitution (if relevant) and your feelings about the support available to you from public agencies. I can give you call to discuss (maximum of 45 minutes) at a time that suits you on Tuesday 27th or Wednesday 28th August. Alternatively, if you would prefer to meet in person then I am likely to be in the D&G area attending a Fresh Start for the Arts event at Gatehouse of Fleet on Thursday 5th September and could arrange to meet you then for a face to face discussion? 

Best wishes

Bronwen Livingstone
Research Assistant
on behalf of

Professor David McGillivray
UWS project lead
School of Creative and Cultural Industries
University of the West of Scotland

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