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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tidemark update

Nothing interesting ever happens in Powfoot? Think again, here's an update from the Fresh Starts team

Congo, Kenya, Gabon, Uganda, Somalia and Indonesia – all hot spots along the Earth’s equator. But what about Powfoot? Hmmm … we don’t tend to hear much about Equatorial Annandale and Eskdale. But once upon a time, before vast forces rearranged the planet along its current lines, that’s exactly what it was. This was one of the insights a group of writers was offered by Lorna Sharpe when they met a few days ago for the start of the ‘Tidemark’ project.

Supported by Fresh Start, as one of its contributions to the Environmental Art Festival Scotland, it involves creating a new booklet of writing inspired by the sea, sky, landscape and human activity around the Powfoot shore. We mentioned it on the blog a couple of weeks back, but it’s such a lovely project we wanted to let you know how it is shaping up.

Organiser Vivien Jones says nearly 20 people turned up for the first session, taking a walk along the waterfront and then hearing Lorna talk about the geological history of the region from its ancient days in the sun to the present more rainy era. Local cable company URTV also popped along to film the walk and chat to those taking part. Many participants were members of four local writing groups - Powfoot Writers, Dunscore Writers, Crichton Writers and Westerkirk. Others just arrived under their own steam.

All are now busy developing their ideas and will reassemble on 12 August for another session and a further talk. Then, when everything is complete, there will be a reading on work at the Powfoot Golf Hotel on 9 September.

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