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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Total Recall – One Artist, Six Handsets and a Red Phone Box Full of Memories

Katie Anderson photographed with the phone box in Clarencefield by Colin Tennant
Six ceramic handsets in a disconnected red phone box will recall memories of village life in Dumfries and Galloway.
Voice from the Phone Box is among the latest attractions to be unveiled by the organisers of the new Environmental Art Festival Scotland (EAFS).
Installation artist Katie Anderson has recorded memories of local life from people living in and around the village of Clarencefield, near Annan, which visitors can listen to during the four days of the Core Festival from 30 August to 2 September.
Katie, an up-and-coming artist who lives and has family locally, said: “The old red phone boxes have become a sort of cultural artefact in their disused state and provide a nostalgic connection for many people to the (relatively recent) time before mobile phones.
“The box in Clarencefield will be filled with memories connected with the surrounding area – In Annan, I collected people’s childhood memories, including of playing along the pipeline from Chapelcross power station.
 “There are lots of other recollections, like how the local work commute has changed. Older people remember crowds of workers cycling backwards and forwards – the rush hour - from the munitions factory at Newbie each day.”

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  1. I will also be talking about the project in Gretna's Stormont Hall next Friday - 4 til 5pm, please come along!