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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Adventures in Wigtown - Kindness, Camper Vans and the Random Book Club

The Commonty has been hanging out in Wigtown this weekend - the town has come alive, and hums with the comings and goings of literary lovers, locals, authors, artists, dogs and their walkers, and everyone in between. Some of our highlights have included Bernadette Russell's 366 Days of Kindness - if you haven't heard of her year of being kind to strangers be sure and check out her website

Here's Bernadette talking about her project

On one of my many coffee refuel's I found myself in the Festival Club listening to chat about the Random Book Club - does what it says on the tin, membership for a year buys you one book a month, hand picked from The Book Shop's shelves and mailed to you.

"Do you think Amazon will notice the lipstick on the collar of your dust-jacket? Or the smell of aftershave on your spine?
Of course not. Amazon doesn’t really love you. But we do."
Membership costs £59 - read more on their website

I also clambered into a camper van with two complete strangers quite willingly and sat in the dark casually observing the passers-by - Camper Obscura, a travelling pair of photographers all the way from Plymouth - sharing knowledge about photography with everyone (and photographing them all in the process).
And it's only day three! There's a full seven days worth of excitement to catch - the festival programme is available online here

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