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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Voices from the Phone Box lands at the Book Festival

From Katie Anderson
Part sculptural installation, part audio collection, Voices from the Phone Box was initially commissioned as part of the EAFS shindig that took over our region last month. 

Now the project has relocated to Wigtown as part of the Wigtown Book Festival, and has taken up residence in two phone boxes, one in Bladnoch, the other in Causeway End. There is also an exchange point for the two boxes tucked away in the mysterious Time Machine - a separate installation work that has seen part of the County Buildings transformed into a space age portal to the future.

The work seeks to engage with that forgotten cultural artefact, the K6 red telephone box - vanishing into and from hedgerows across the country.

Conversations gathered reveal intimate relationships with place - personal histories intertwined with the everyday. 

Pause for a moment, and listen.

"I Belong 
Wigtown. Port William. Whithorn. Newton Stewart. Sorbie. Mochrum. Elrig. Windy Hill.  Garlieston. Isle of Whithorn. 

Bearded Ham. Something primal. Traffic Lights. Invisible people. Hairdressers. I was ay’ wantin t be a l’rry driver. Mountains of Mourne. 

The flying butcher. Magic Hour. The kindness of folk.  There was always plenty o’ work. It’s all gone no’. BOS 648. Still living in the past here. A modern life. I never even knew Whithorn existed... 

I’ll never be a local."

Thank you to everyone who has given me some time in the past few weeks to contribute a voice for the work, without you it would be meaningless.
For more information please head to my blog 

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