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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vivien Jones in 26 Words

The author Vivien Jones has her work included  in an unusual exhibition and book called 26 Words: exploring the DNA of language.   
Vivien Jones lives in Powfoot
26 Words started in April when writers were paired with visual artists to form 26 collaborative partnerships to create limited edition artworks. Each pair randomly chose a word to represent each letter of the alphabet, by inserting a knife in a dictionary. The result was an extraordinary collection of words from acidulate to zaffre, taking in dig and undulate and connected along the way, the familiar and the unfamiliar, the everyday and the exotic but every word evocative. Along the journey many serendipitous discoveries have been made, leading to intriguing and surprising collaborations, beautiful words and exciting visual interpretations in two and three dimensions. Everything will be unveiled at an exhibition in London’s Free Word Centre, opening on 26 th November and running through to the end of January 2014. The exhibition is already booked to go on tour to venues in Reading, Sunderland, Bruges, Snape and Hereford through 2014. Other  venues will be added. Those taking part have also been writing about their collaborations. These ‘creation stories’ are running every weekday up until Friday 22 nd November at - follow on twitter feed @26wordsandart.

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