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Friday, November 29, 2013

Border Discussions in Northumbria

Borderlands: The Historical and Cultural Significance of the Anglo-Scottish Border 

An interesting seminar on that long-standing discussion - borders- takes place on the 13th of December at Gallery North in Northumbria Uni, and features our own Matt Baker, alongside filmmaker John Wallace (of amazing Cinema Sark) in the programme
Cinema Sark in situ along the Border at Gretna during EAFS this summer

This event, the first in the ESRC Seminar Series - 'Close Friends?' Assessing the impact of greater Scottish autonomy on the North of England - brings to the fore concerns shared with the AHRC Research Network, 'Northern Peripheries'

To locate the contemporary relationship between Scotland and the North of England within a wider historical and cultural context, the seminar will consider how the North?s sense of itself as a region has been conditioned by its position in the hinterland of the Scottish Border. Representations and interpretations of 'place' are important. Discussions will also engage with recent cultural debates and creative practices concerned with the experience of Northern peripheries and border regions, spaces typically conceived as remote and marginal, but which can be alternatively seen as hybrid and generative spaces where dynamic and diverse networks develop.

Attendance is free, although please register an interest via email to Ysanne Holt 

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