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Friday, November 1, 2013

Dumfries and Galloway Council Support for the Arts - what else...

There has been an unsettled outlook around the place since the change of Administration at the top of the Council. Many people had contributed to the Cultural Service Review then to hear that it had been suspended whilst Members reviewed 'information produced to date'.

In the meantime many representations have been made to Council Members about the vital role of the arts in the economic and social future of the region. Now Councillors will meet again next Tuesday to look at information provided by the Community and Customer Services Department (this is Richard Grieveson's department with his Culture Service Manager David Lockwood and Principal Officer Rebecca Coggins)

Anyone still attempting to read the Runes on all this can see the meeting agenda - here ....follow down to Item 11 - and you see all the papers submitted for the Councillors to look at.

Meanwhile the Commonty's own Sector Review is still in full swing over at the thread begun on 18th September

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