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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sheila Mullen @ The Workshop Gallery

 Paintings by Sheila Mullen
Opens Saturday 7 December 2013
Workshop Gallery, 183 King Street, Castle Douglas
01556 504234
Sheila Mullen
A new exhibition by the celebrated painter Sheila Mullen opens on Saturday 7th December at the new Workshop Gallery in Castle Douglas.
The Workshop Gallery in Castle Douglas is a new and unique addition to the region’s artistic infrastructure. Opened in 2012, the Workshop Gallery is attached to A.D. Livingston and Sons furniture restoring and making workshop. The skills of cabinet making and upholstery practiced by Ian and Kenny Livingston are part of a living tradition of local craftsmanship which can be traced back 170 years.

Another member of the Livingston Clan is brother, noted local historian and green activist Alistair. Alistair has written a fascinating article that weaves together Sheila's work with deep local history and the fine craft tradition of our area. Read the full article - here.

Photograph of W & T Stewart staff circa 1912 in King Street Castle Douglas....Robert Livingston joined the firm as an apprentice and became a partner in 1929
Battle of Otterburn (fought in 1388) - Painting by Sheila Mullen

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  1. Thanks for this Matt. I am really looking forward to seeing Sheila's paintings 'in the flesh'.