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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spring Flingers......wanna do some big Street Art??

This opportunity is for Spring Fling Members current and previous - if you have ever taken part in Spring Fling and are therefore eligible to become a Spring Fling member then this may be for you. You may have heard about Spring Fling | Rural Mural (SF|RM) in the last couple of weeks via email or social media. We have partnered up with Recoat, Glasgow based street and mural art collective.
We are now announcing that there are 5 paid opportunities for SF members to work on this exciting project. 
We are also looking for 'things to paint' - you can read here about this - but if you have an idea, site, building, vehicle then let us know! 
If you'd like to be involved then we recommend you come along to our FREE SFRM Info Sharing Event in Dumfries on Monday 11 November (BOOK HERE) to hear about Recoat's past projects and how our project will work as additional to Spring Fling and will enhance the Spring Fling experience both for you as artists and for our visitors.
Wall Painting at Recoat Gallery
WHO & WHAT: We are looking for around 5 Spring Fling artists or makers (SF members - membership is £30 per year) to work with around 5 Recoat artists (national and international street art and mural artists) to work in a collaborative way on around 12 large scale and ambitious murals.
WHERE & WHEN: These murals will adorn farm buildings, walls, shop fronts, vehicles and 'unexpected things' across D&G. They will be created between March - May 2014 and become part of the Spring Fling routes over the weekend.
PAY: Each artist will be paid £200 per day and work on the project for 2 - 4 days (dependant on artists time and what types of 'things to paint' emerge). 
THEME: We are working to a rough theme of 'Home' for Homecoming 2014.
HOW TO BE INVOLVED: Email Leah with a compelling statement by Friday 6 December on why you would like to be involved, talk about past experience, future aspirations, current work and anything else you think would be useful. If you would like to send any images over and above what we have on file for you (i.e. a 2014 Spring Fling application, if you did apply) then send them as well - and if not we can use what we have. This is open to artists working in all disciplines - think big and bold and outside the box, because we are.
Contact: Leah Black,, 01387 213 218

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