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Monday, November 25, 2013

The long and winding road to Langholm

From Katie Anderson
Twitter addicts will have been glued to the #csopen feed over the past few days, as discussions found their way online - or in the case of Langholm - a much quieter response, due to a bit of a mobile signal black spot (surprise surprise to any D&G'ers) - the importance of a digital infrastructure across the country did feature in the conversations.

Just a part of the wider discussions that took place in the Buccleuch Centre on Saturday, as Creative Scotland landed in the south to show their 'work-in-progress' plans, ambitions, mission statements and proposed future funding routes. Early notes from the Glasgow sessions have already gone up online at the CS open sessions website here - which gives a little insight into the CS introduction.

The ensuing dialogue, 'crowdsourcing a plan' stretched from discussions on what success looks like, the importance of language (mission statements: unlocking. empowering. stretching. enabling), the geographical divide, and the importance of a grass-roots led approach, of which Dumfries and Galloway is being looked to as the Fresh Starts plan rolls into being. 
Thinking through scribbling, discussions from Centre Stage

The final draft of CS policy is likely to be released in January, so there is still time to add your voice to the conversation. A sense of open-ness and discussion, 'a consultation that felt like a conversation' - it all bodes well for a thinking, engaging, concerning Creative Scotland.

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