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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#CreativeDumfries - an update

from Creative Dumfries

Last night members of the Creative Dumfries team held a public briefing (publicised through Nithsdale Arts Hub, Facebook, Twitter and The Commonty) – people heard the plans for the next 8 weeks of the campaign up until the judging on 29th Jan, were given details of how they can get involved and make their own suggestions for how to build momentum and participation in Creative Dumfries.

Creative Dumfries briefing at Electric Theatre workshop last night
The aim over the next 8 weeks is to spread the word about the Creative Dumfries idea and show the judges just how up for it Dumfries is! Dumfries is re-inventing itself as a contemporary, regional capital and the arts are leading from the front. The Falkirk and Orkney bids are being led by their local councils – they are unlikely to be launching media campaigns about their nomination in the same way. Creative Dumfries has local participation 
at its heart….the campaign is one way that we can demonstrate this 

Campaign Strategies:
1. To use the opportunity of Big Burns Supper as a means to profile Creative Dumfries – through media opportunities, logo placement and poster/banners in the town.
2. Social Media – Facebook and Twitter accounts are up and running with #CreativeDumfries achieving over 300 follows in the first 36 hours
3. A Creative Dumfries Christmas card has been printed – these are being sent far and wide to make people aware of the campaign – also the cards double as small posters for local shop windows

Creative Dumfries Christmas Card
How you can get involved:
1. Contact Creative Dumfries and give your contact details to receive a media pack (available 18th December)
2. Follow #CreativeDumfries on Facebook and Twitter and share you creative content with the campaign – we want to showcase everything creative that is happening or has recently happened in Dumfries – so paste your videos, images and tunes on the #CreativeDumfries wall
3. Pick up some free Christmas Cards from Big BurnsSupper box office (Munches St, Dumfries) and send them to your pals, contacts and long lost Doonhamers
4. Let #CreativeDumfries know about any events etc that you are planning between now and end Jan 2014

Contacts and Info:
* Detailed info on the bid is at
* Phone number – 01387 271820 (Big Burns Supper)
Creative Scotland's Creative Place scheme is in it's third year. Dumfries is nominated in the largest population category, and is up against Falkirk and Orkney. The judging is on the 29th of January, and we have until then to show just how creative Dumfries can be. On 29th January the Creative Dumfries team will make a final presentation to the judges and the bid will be assessed on this presentation, the initial application for the award and local support and partnership.

Keeping it real....'Scumfries - Connor Meehan vs Old Cufter' (debate the idea of respect for public art in Dumfries)

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