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Friday, January 10, 2014

Britain an a' that (innit)

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The 'love that dares not speak its name' (aka -art is about changing the world) hardly ever rears its head on the Commonty (aye right). But it was pleasing to see this wee blog was connected to one of the big debates this week. Leading playwright David Greig was interviewed by the Guardian newspaper about the indpependence referendum and David's approach was about the effect that the debate is Scotland is having in the North of England. We know for a fact (because David picked up on one of our blog posts on Twitter) that the reference to Newcastle in the article stems directly from something published here about an arts seminar at the University of Northumbria that featured oor own Matt Baker and John Wallace alongside colleagues from the Scottish Borders - James Wyness, Jules Horne and Claire Pen├žak.

Picking up on the theme National Collective then published this letter by Matt Baker 'Dear Britain'

Welcome to the Periphery and Welcome to 2014

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