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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dear Scotland… A project from National Theatre Scotland

We are inviting people across the country to join together in an exploration of culture, country and irreverent comment. As artists look backwards and imagine forwards, we stage a year-long celebration of maverick poets, mercurial monarchs and a country with a lot on its mind, creating a playful and often surprising backdrop to a momentous year.
We are asking you to be part of this celebration and post us your thoughts, musings or rants. Over the year we will be featuring the most interesting and provocative both online and on our stages. Post an online postcard to tell the country what you think of it, and what you want it to be.
Dear Scotland - 2014 Season Trailer from National Theatre of Scotland on Vimeo.
Throughout the year, we'll collect your rants and regrets, your love letters or break-up cards, your advice or your demands, your hopes and your dreams and interlace them to create a living record of this momentous year.
Take part your way - write us a postcard, upload your film, join us online, or in person at events across the country - and your note might even feature in a major National Theatre of Scotland project later in the year. For more details head to the website here

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