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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Regional Funding Your Questions Answered

Kathleen O'Neill has just sent in these notes from the two advice session she hosted this week about the D+G Regional Projects Fund:

13 people attended 2 sessions at the Stove held between 2.30-8.30pm January 14th 2014. Since then the following questions have been raised on behalf of both groups by the Regional Arts Convenor with the Chamber of Arts.

Q1) Does funding support from Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of Arts through the Regional Projects Fund preclude support from the Area Committees?

answer: Support from the Regional Projects Fund need not preclude application or support from Area Committees: where one project seeks support from both the Chamber of Arts and Area Committee, applicants should make clear how aspects of their project meet different funding criteria.

Q2) There are many funding application deadlines in January. Is it possible to extend the deadline for applications to the Regional Projects Fund?

answer: It is not possible to extend the deadline due to the pressing timetable of new structure and commission development. The deadline remains Monday 27th January. Information about a second opportunity to apply for Regional Funding will be released during February.

Please note: If you are uncertain as to whether your idea or project meets criteria specifically set for the Regional Projects Fund, send it anyway. It is only by remaining aware of needs and ambition in the sector, that the Chamber of Arts can continue to progress informed development opportunities for the arts in Dumfries and Galloway.

For further information about funding or any questions about the new structure please contact Regional Arts Convenor, Kathleen O’Neill at or by telephone at 07549 304 097

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