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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Unravelling the Latest News from Creative Scotland

Because we love you that much the good folk at Commonty Central have been working their way through the latest communications from Creative Scotland about present and future plans
Here is our potted version of 'what the feck is going on':

1. Creative Scotland have committed to a complete overhaul of their funding programmes - the new programmes will be unveiled at the end of April 2014.

2. The new 'core funding for organisations' scheme will be have submission deadlines at end of July (with decisions in October). BUT the new 'projects and programmes' schemes will not be open for submissions until October 2014

3. SOOO - to keep the flow of support to the sector going CS will be keeping some of its schemes open until further notice........a list of these can be found here

Creative Scotland have just published a draft version of the principles behind their new can find this here

We are all being asked to comment on this document via an open online consultation thingamygig....this will open for business from 7th February and can be found here


we may, of course have got this all which case I'm sure someone will put us right!

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