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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scottish Youth Theatre...their Summer Festival in DUMFRIES!!

Scottish Youth Theatre is Scotland’s national theatre ‘for & by’ young people. Now in its 38th year the company is still committed to offering young people creative ways to build confidence and self esteem through the highest quality of arts experiences.

In July – August 2014 Scottish Youth Theatre is relocating its flagship event, Summer Festival, to Dumfries. Through discussions with Electric Theatre Workshop and the Holywood Trust and the evident buzz and excitement of the arts scene, it is with great excitement that the company is coming to Dumfries.

Summer Festival
Summer Festival is a number of intensive performance and production courses offering young people aged 8-25 a professional theatre experience.

Dumfries and Galloway will host 5 courses in total. 4 of which form the cast and crew for a brand new adaptation of ‘Peter Pan’ by Mary McCluskey for young people aged 14-25 and the other will be a devising opportunity for young people aged 12-15 (possibly in Annan).

These intensive courses are offered out to young people from across Scotland who wish to build their performance skills, meet new people and experience a professional process in making theatre.

Places are offered from auditions. These auditions ensure that young people are being offered the course best suited to their skills, talents and abilities. Scottish Youth Theatre will hold auditions in Dumfries for those from the local area.

All participants are encouraged to fundraise, Scottish Youth Theatre will offer advice on these fundraising activities by providing each applicant with a fundraising pack. Scottish Youth Theatre is a registered charity and a not for profit organisation.

Roadshow - recruitment
Scottish Youth Theatre can offer free drama workshops to your school or youth group. To book a Roadshow workshop please contact Joanne Marr, Access & Outreach Officer on or 0141 552 3988. Scottish Youth Theatre will deliver the workshop then discuss the opportunity with your young people.

What can you do to support?
Ø  Book a Roadshow workshop.
Ø  Encourage young people you feel may benefit from these unique and challenging performance courses.
Ø  Encourage and/or assist young people to fundraise for this opportunity.
Ø  Spread the word – let others in and around the Dumfries and Galloway region know that Summer Festival is coming.
Ø  Come and see – come and see the final production which promises to be a highly entertaining and engaging version of ‘Peter Pan’ in the town where the story was originally conceived.

Summer Festival 2013's production
Course Information 

Performance and Production Learning Programme – SCQF Level 7 with 29 credit points
Ages 16-25
3 July – 14 August 2014
Residential option available
Over 6 weeks, candidates will experience masterclasses in voice, movement, rehearsal and performance processes and character development.

Ages 16-25
7 July – 9 August 2014
Residential option available
An intensive 5-week course. Working with a professional director, designer, choreographer and musical director in a fully technically supported run of performances.

Ages 14-25 
7 July – 9 August 2014
Residential option available
Working with the large professional technical and stage management team participants will have sessions in all aspects of technical theatre and stage management. 

Ages 14-18
21 July – 9 August 2014
Residential optional available
Working alongside the Performance and Production Course and Learning Programme participants, the Intermediate Ensemble participants will form the chorus in a full scale touring musical theatre production.

Additional Course

Foundation Courses
Ages 12-15
Dates & Venue TBC
A fun introduction to the world of drama and performance, ideal for young people who want to further their skills and knowledge.

Summer Festival 2013 Nows the Hour Production

Roadshow Workshop Options

The Power of the Ensemble (2hr) S1+
Exploring and developing skills and techniques for ensemble performance, the young people will develop and present their own piece of theatre using specially commissioned texts from Scottish Youth Theatre and incorporating movement and voice. This is a chance to experience the exciting potential for performing as an ensemble.
Independence? (2hr) S1+
Engage in the debate of Scottish independence and explore the question, ‘what does Scotland mean to you?’ Participants will identify their aspirations, fears, questions and views on a vote that will create this country’s future providing opportunities for deepening understanding of culture in Scotland and what the independence referendum means for young people today.
Page to Stage (2hr) S1+
Creatively explore staging, characterisation and direction using tried and tested theatre techniques to gain a fuller understanding of a text and its relevance to young people today.

Intro to Devising Theatre (2hr) S1+
Games, exercises, improvisation and devising; participants can learn and experience drama skills within a fun, relaxed and creative environment. Focus is on building group work skills and developing confidence while enhancing learning. 

For more info, head to the Scottish Youth Theatre website

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