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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Touring Network - Spring Gathering

The Spring Gathering is a two-day networking and showcase event, allowing members of The Touring Network to enjoy some of the exciting work available to tour and to network with a variety of companies and producers. It is also an opportunity for members to meet other promoters who are located elsewhere in regions covered by The Touring Network.
The Gathering will take place in the village of Plockton on the west coast of Scotland. Local promoters, the Lochalsh Arts Network will host the Gathering and events will take place throughout the village. There will be thought-provoking presentations and excerpts of shows during the day, ample opportunities to network with other promoters and companies, and full length showcase performances in the evening. 

A variety of companies will have the opportunity to showcase at the Gathering, but the main focus will be on those which fit our Supported Touring artistic policy: contemporary theatre, children’s theatre, and dance. Since Plockton is renowned for its traditional music education, there is bound to be a strong musical presence too. 
Tickets to The Gathering are available to members of The Touring Network, as well as non-members who are affiliated with other rural touring networks in Scotland or other relevant organisations.
Spaces at the Gathering are limited, however more tickets may be released. If the ticket price is prohibitive, or if you have any queries, please email
If you are a performer, company or producer and would like to know more about the Gathering, please email for more information.
For more details about the event, and ticket costs head to the eventbrite site here

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