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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Towards Public Art

From Stan Bonnar

Just to let you know about my new facebook page, from which this description:

My intention here is to create a series of photo/text albums that trace the steps i have taken 'towards public art'. the question 'what is public art?' has been one which at every step i have been faced with, and i want to try and show how my comprehending of the question has developed.

Over the years, it has become not so much a quest to comprehend 'what is public art' but rather a realization that the question can no longer be put in those terms.

I hope to show in these albums (and through their links) why public art cannot exist as an object, but also how it can and does extend as a thing - a way of reconstructing language.

In trying to solve these problems, i have been forced to consider the possibility of language based in extension rather than existence, and about the possibility of a singular universe.

And this video:

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