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Monday, April 28, 2014

Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy

From the Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy

Over the last few months we’ve heard from people across Scotland and Europe about why local democracy matters. With their help, we have published our interim report.

We've found that Scotland would be fairer, wealthier and healthier if local communities had control over the issues that matter to them. We've also found that local democracy in Scotland has been gradually dismantled over the last 50 years, and that it is now one of the most centralised countries in the western world.

That’s why the Commission has identified that it is time to think about a different way of doing things in which local people are in charge of what happens in their communities.

Click here to read our interim report.

Commenting on the report, Chair of the Commission Cllr David O’Neill said: “Scotland has a proud and important tradition of deciding on things locally. But local democracy is now under real pressure in this country. Over the decades, we’ve seen a culture in which more and more services and decisions been taken away from local communities and put into the hands of distant bureaucracies". 

“Local democracy can unlock the solutions to our nation’s most profound problems, but needs to be empowered to do so. Those changes might be daunting, but that is what we are calling for.” 

FIND OUT MORE We've also published lots of information about the evidence and views that we have heard. For example, you can watch our Evidence Sessions, read about our Call for Evidence, and find out about our Listening Events.

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