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Friday, May 9, 2014

Have your Say on Walking

Scotland's 'Walking Strategy' will be published on 13th June - now is the meoment to contribute your thoughts on the draft strategy. Christopher Topping of D&G Health and Wellbeing is gathering responses on behalf of the region - please send your thoughts direct to Christopher by email: by Tuesday 13th May

Click here to download the draft strategy.

Questions you might consider....
The draft Strategy sets the following vision: ‘A Scotland where places are well designed for walking, an increased number of people enjoy the outdoors and more people walk as part of their everyday journeys.’
1. Is this the right vision for Scotland?
2. Does the draft strategy provide the right framework to achieve this vision?
3. How does/could you/your organisation contribute towards achieving the vision?

 Strategic Aims
 4. Do the strategic aims support the delivery of the vision?

Great places
 5. How can we build on the current facilities in and around communities and ensure they are welcoming walking environments for everyone?
Click here to download a Microsoft Word version of the consultation questions.

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