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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Meaning of Home – Images from Spring Fling Photographers

Spring Fling asked the photographers taking part in its 2014 event to come up with two pictures each on this year’s theme of “home”.
Four studios are exhibiting in Scotland’s premier open studios visual art and craft event, which takes place in Dumfries and Galloway from 24-26 May.
In some cases it is the countryside in their own region which the photographers chose as representing ideas of home – but not always:

The Wedding Dress, by Kim Ayres, Castle Douglas
Kim said: “This lady had worn a fabulous red velvet gown for her wedding around 12 years ago and lived on a beautiful Scottish farm. Bringing these elements together captured the idea of heart and home.”

Bridge Over Untroubled Water, by Phil McMenemy, Laurieston
Phil said: “History helps define home. Galloway is about history, time and feudal conflicts. All still evidenced in the landscape to this day.”

Zero Footprint 3, Leeming + Paterson, Dalry
Morag Leeming said: “Ted and I built a low carbon house on a hillside some years ago and wondered if we could apply the same principles to photography. So the Zero Footprint series are all taken from the same spot just outside our home. The Zero Footprint project shows the immense variety in the land and skyscapes around your own home. Familiar scenes change by the season, the day and sometimes the hour.” 

Roe Deer in the Copse, Allan Wright, Castle Douglas
Allan said: “There are little woodlands around us which are home to many creatures including roe deer – and sometimes you have to look hard before you see what’s there. On this occasion the light was special and a young doe paused for a moment to check me out .”  

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