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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yestival in Sanquhar

On Wednesday, National Collective's Yestival crew landed in Sanquhar as part of their national tour this month bringing with them writers, poets, musicians and artists. D&G creatives also took over A the Airts and the Nithsdale Hotel including Hugh McMillan and Stuart Paterson. More pictures on the Yestival Facebook page here

Heads turned in Sanquhar as the Yestival crew rocked up in their super cool trailer… keep your eyes peeled for it as it journeys around the country this month

Sarah Indigo creating new work in the car park 
Stuart Paterson, Sarah Indigo and Hugh McMillan
Photograph by Simon Baker
 — at A the Airts.

Busking in Sanquhar
Photograph by Simon Baker
 — at Nithsdale Hotel

"A troupe of vehicles, people and performers departs at dawn from Leith. We take only what we need, and leave all home comforts, introversions, fears and reservations behind us.
Reading the map it is marked with small villages, great cities, remote islands, mountains so vast their peaks are like the ocean, and between them all a line of ink draws from place to place, north to south, east to west, coast to coast. Our route will take us to parts of the country we have never seen, and show familiar places in unfamiliar light.
The words of the Edinburgh makar Ron Butlin ring through the ears: “The history we make, will make us in return.” "

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