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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cate Ross @ The Nail Factory

Cate Ross is across-media artist, a master printmaker, illustrator arts activist using a blend of visual and performance arts forms. Cate's images are explorations into key problems of war, capitalism, the media industry and societal injustices. In her work, Cate attempts to discuss and transcend these human predicaments to create some sort of visual prayer for peace and equality or at least create resting places for contemplation. Cate's images aim to offer insight through the act of of making art and they are portals for meditation and enquiry."To be questioning is to be problem solving' is the tenet guiding Cate's multi-faceted  art works. 
Literal representations layer over metaphysical symbols, all coalescing into rich tapestries of  information and visual play .Cate often uses a projector or lights a candle, allowing her to  enter an 'altered state' of looking and enquiry unfettered by the normal mundane thought process.
Time Will Tell - Cate Ross
As a curator, I chance upon  more and more details in Cate's work every day.To walk through her fabric installation forces one engage immediately with her work.This is certainly an exhibition that raises questions and re-evaluate our ideas about important issues. 
Cate Ross's exhibition continues until 29th August(7-9pm) and will be marked with an closing gathering , providing an opportunity to discuss and question Cate herself.

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