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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Opportunity: Sustainable Development Project Manager at Spring Fling

from Spring Fling
Hello Commonty,
The Spring Fling Board and staff have been busy over the last few months planning a new project. We are calling it the Evolution of Spring Fling. We are now advertising for a Sustainable Development Project Manager (or Team) for approx. 8 months to work through this exciting development with the Spring Fling Board, staff and members - you can read the full brief here
Anupa Gardner is the Spring Fling X Wigtown Book Festival artist-in-residence for 2014/15
Although we work on projects throughout the year not directly connected to Spring Fling (the event) such as youth development, professional development, residencies, and Environmental Art Festival Scotland, we felt that the time had come for Spring Fling (the organisation) to take the very natural step evolving into a region-wide visual art and craft development organisation. We are striving to make an excellent visual art and craft development organisation, working across the region and with artists at all stages in their careers, and developing and delivering projects that artists and makers want, need, and dream. By working carefully through this process (you'll see the phases if you click through to the brief) we will protect Spring Fling (the event) which will become the organisations flagship event. There is so much going on in D&G right now (exciting times indeed for D&G) and we continue to work in a collaborative and complementary way to our colleagues at The Stove, Wide Open, ​Wigtown Book Festival and Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival, amongst others. ​Through this project we will be working with the Chamber of Arts Regional Convenor and four Area Hub Convenors and have full support locally, from Dumfries & Galloway Council, and from Creative Scotland, of this development.

I hope that you might consider joining us on this journey, and in sharing your thoughts and ideas when that time comes - watch this space for how to be involved - in the meantime please get in touch with me if you have questions, comments or ideas on

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