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Friday, August 29, 2014

Spirits And Earth In The Machars

From Sid Ambrose

From the 5th to the 8th September a combined pottery and photography exhibition will be taking place at the Red Door Gallery, Whithorn House, Whithorn featuring the work of Vaughan Roberts and John Nimmo. 

Both artists have been inspired by the landscape and history of the Machars, Vaughan is a photographer who has recently explored composite montage photography combining images to create unique originals. John has taken a literally more down to earth approach producing pottery infused with Machars influences and inspiration. Vaughan has been a photographer since the age of ten and a professional one for the last ten years. Like many others he was captivated by the charm and beauty of Dumfries and Galloway and now lives for half of his time in a caravan in the uppermost northwest corner of The Machars. He was brought up near the seaside of Morecambe Bay and has missed the sea since moving inland to Yorkshire in 1976. It is with a sense of homecoming that he can now look out at the shimmering waters of Luce Bay. 

Torhouse Stones. Vaughan Roberts

 Vaughan has recently done a lot of work in theatres and schools, In addition to creating straightforward photographic prints he has discovered the delights of creating composite montage pictures. When asked about the montages prepared for the forthcoming exhibition Vaughan explained “My photographs are composite montages of blended images. All the pictures show features of The Machars area of Wigtownshire. Some have contemporary people dressed in historical costume blended into the picture, others have photographs of people of the past merged into the photograph. Some are thought-provoking, some are fun, and all are celebratory of this most marvellous region the Machars”. 
John Nimmo pottery
The other key element to the exhibition is native artist John Nimmo, having been born and brought up in Wigtown, it is hardly surprising that he should feel a very strong connection to the countryside, especially to the Machars. As a boy he spent many happy days fishing in the burns, building dens in the woods and exploring the varied coastline learning about the flora and fauna of as John describes it a “very special landscape.” After leaving the Douglas Ewart High School in Newton Stewart he studied drawing and painting at Art School and for the past thirty six years he has taught Art in secondary schools. 

John Commented on his involvement in the exhibition, “Although I continue to be active as a painter interested in landscape, I have recently developed a passion for working with clay and enjoy producing both hand built pieces and wheel thrown work – both functional and decorative. I have rediscovered sources of clay from my youth and have used it both to both produce functional ware and to decorate the surfaces of bowls, drinking vessels and plates. My pots are meant feel good in the hand and above all, they are meant to be used.”

Admission is free for this event, for further information contact or call 01988 501 081.

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