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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vote for the next Stewartry Arts Hub Meeting

Please come along to the next Stewartry Arts Hub event which is planned for the 30th OR 31st August. 
You can help us find the best date and time by by adding your availability to a poll I have created  "Stewartry Arts Hub Event" at Doodle. The link to your poll is:

It will take you two minutes to share your preferred times...

I will close the poll next Friday (22nd August) after a last call for input and confirm the meeting time, place and date then.

Meanwhile please think about anything you might wish to see, hear about or share and let me know so we can schedule an exciting and relevant event. 

Currently we are planning to hold the event in Kirkpatrick Durham but I will confirm this next week.
Taliesin Community Woodland
Action points from the last SAH event at Taliesen will be circulated in a following email along with some other suggestions of events you can join in to contribute to the growing 'sector led' arts scene round these parts.

Many thanks to all those who have already contacted me to share ideas and recommendations, I'm all ears and here for you, so please get in touch if you'd like advice or to share information with us.

Very best wishes,

Cate Ross

Stewartry Area Arts Hub Convenor
The Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of the Arts

Tel: 07790 802 249

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