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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Forest Sanctuary

From The Dark Outside

Find Sanctuary deep in a Scottish forest – an arts event in the heart of Galloway’s Dark Skies Park. It experiments with sound, light and space, exploring the unseen and in-between, featuring light installations and 24 hours of previously unheard music.

Sanctuary takes place on 27th and 28th September

Making a welcome return is The Dark Outside FM - a site-specific radio station curated by sound artist Stuart Maclean. For 24 hours, The Dark Outside FM will be broadcasting previously unheard sound and music from artists as diverse as, Carter Tutti, Bis, Craig Safan and Jon Brooks. Contributions come from Australia, Canada, the UK, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Denmark and the USA. This new work can only be heard at this site and the sound files will be destroyed afterwards.
This year’s broadcast will also include a live multi-transmitter performance from veteran sound experimentalists :zoviet* france

There will also be light installations including Robbie Coleman’s dramatic 100ft neon light sculpture called ENCLOSURE. Then there will be chances to discover aspects of otherworldliness – including explorations of the paranormal and strange psychic phenomenon – in the Dark Skies Lounge.

The event, which takes place around Murrays Monument miles from the nearest town, is a collaboration between artists Robbie Coleman, Jo Hodges and Stuart Mclean.

Jan Hogarth, from Wide Open, said: “This is one of the most exciting art collaborations to happen in the landscape of Scotland this year […] Jo Hodges, Robbie Coleman and Stuart Mclean are a highly imaginative team and they are offering the chance to experience a whole alternative reality.”

The event will capture the region’s creative imagination and unveil the many senses of place within landscape. It is targeting both local and urban audiences, bringing them to the landscape of Galloway for an unforgettable experience. Hundreds of art and music enthusiasts are expected to come from far and wide to spend the night in the forest and take part in the event.

Robbie Coleman said: “The Dark Sky Park is an incredible place to spend the night, looking at the stars and listening to music that’s never been heard before. It’s an exciting place to create experimental work.”

Keith Muir, head of tourism for Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, said "The Dark Outside FM event not only highlights the importance of darkness but will also help visitors and locals understand light and how it affects who and what we are. How often do you get a good reason to take a drive to the countryside in total darkness and listen to music? 

For the Dark Sky Park art is proving to be one of the best ways to communicate the importance of light and darkness, the Sanctuary of music and the space it creates is a very powerful instrument and Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park is delighted to be able to host this event and the growing number of art works. The visitors who come to be part of an event or see the art works all contribute to making the south west of Scotland the premier destination for environmental art which further enhances the new Unesco Biosphere status in the area".

Food and refreshments by the famous Moniaive Green Tea House will be available.

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