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Friday, September 19, 2014

Visual Arts at Wigtown Book Festival

From Wigtown Book Festival

County Buildings, The Cinema
Wednesday 1st October 2014

Claudia Zeiske is the founding director of Deveron Arts, the organisation that has turned the small Aberdeenshire town of Huntly into a venue for award-winning public art. She talks to Jan Hogarth of the arts production company Wide Open about her work and her book ARTocracy (written with Nuno Sacramento).

The Galloway Pippin Project
The Orchard Studio at 31 South Main Street
Wednesday 1st October 2014

The Zurich-based Scottish environmental artist Natalie McIlroy has created a homage to the Galloway Pippin, an ancient apple variety that originated in Wigtown in the late 1200s.  Throughout the festival, visitors will be able to visit the Pippin HQ, an installation that will also be the home to 31 maiden Galloway Pippin trees available for local gardens.  Natalie will be planting and documenting the trees in their new homes throughout the town.  Visit Natalie in her studio, open daily (times shown on the door). 

Spring Fling Artist-in-Residence 2014/15
The Bowling Pavilion
Wednesday 1st October 2014
This is the sixth year that the festival has hosted an artist-inresidence in association with Scotland's largest arts and crafts open studios event, Spring Fling.  Originally from India, Anupa Gardner studies at Edinburgh College of Art and graduated with a Master of Arts in Visual Communication in 2008.  She has since been working in Edinburgh as an illustrator.  Anupa will be based at the Bowling Pavilion and will host a Meet the Artist event at 7pm on Saturday 27 September.  Studio open daily.  

Trading Journeys '14
Wigtown Harbour
Saturday 27th September 2014
Dumfries-based artists' collective The Studio presents a new commission for the 2014 Wigtown Book Festival, supported by Homecoming 2014.  With its Harbour and location at the lowest fording point of the River Bladnoch, Wigtown was at one time part of a major network of land and sea routes, including a pilgrim way to Whithorn.  Inspired by this history, the event responds to these trading routes. 

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