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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zero Footprint Launch

From Leeming and Paterson

Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson launch their photography book and portfolio, Zero Footprint at the end of the month as part of Wigtown Book Festival, and also tie in with the EAFS festival weekend event - more on that here
The book consists of a set of photographs taken over a five year period from one precise location in the Galloway Hills, exploring the concept of creativity with a limited zero footprint, non this case letting weather inform the composition of the images.

Having built a low carbon house on the hillside we were inspired to see if we could apply some similar principles to our photography.

The restriction is a geographical one only - we can use any lens and point the camera in any direction, taking advantage of the changes in season and dramatic variances in natural light. Although it's a beautiful outlook, our view doesn't necessarily lend itself to a good composition for a traditional landscape photograph and we quickly realised that some of the bests shots we would get are those of the banks of fog and mist that roll in and often spend the entire day moving like a tide backwards and forwards in the glen.

The Zero Footprint Book will have a print run limited to 1250 copies. For more details have a look on their website here, or to sign up to the Book Festival event, head to the festival website here

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