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Sunday, October 5, 2014

DG Unlimited Commemorative Edition

From The Commonty

Here at Commonty Central we love the rough and tumble of the arts debate and more than likely this weeks important announcements will spark a new round of same...bring it on! We thought that it might also be timely to cast an eye back over the events of the last few years to remind ourselves about how we have arrived at this point...could be useful in gathering our thoughts about what we are now looking at and how we move forward from here? It is brilliant that we all have the opportunity to come together in November to reflect and debate on all this.

We have all achieved an amazing amount together and many will have experienced the way that other parts of the country are looking to 'what an incredible amount is happening in the arts in D+G'. There is a lot at stake here and still an enormous amount to be gained by us raising ourselves up within the national an international scene - to do this we need to keep working together and keep focussed on the big picture of what can be achieved by positivity and cooperation (and, conversely, how much we stand to lose by doing the opposite!)

The bottom line is that three years ago (ish) the region's art sector set out on a journey together with the aim of seeing if it was practical/desirable to run our own affairs. This whole process has been reported on The Commonty throughout (in fact this blog came into being as part of the process). It would be impossible for 'the blog' to tell anyone what to think (it is just the collective voice of what is sent in, after all) this is simply a chronology of how we got to this point told through posts on the blog.

So here we are....the next stage on this list is announced in this weeks Commonty:
The intention throughout remains that the everyone involved in the arts should have a voice and stake in the sector's future - so far this has been a massive (and mostly voluntary) effort by our sector... what would you like to contribute? 

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