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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Chance to See: Changing Rooms

From Jo Hodges

Theres still a few days to visit Changing Room the exhibition by Jo Hodges and Denise Zygadlo at Electric Theatre Workshop, 28 Munches St , Dumfries 9-5 until Friday 31st October.
Rarely talked about openly, the subject of menopause can still cause some embarrassment and awkwardness. For Changing Room the artists wanted to open up the subject and have transformed six wardrobes into an interactive installation. Also to be discovered, is work made by women from Dumfries and Galloway who attended a series of creative days during September facilitated by Lee Seekings-Norman
Jo said, ‘Everyone will know somebody going through the menopause, a mother, other relative or friend. It can be a challenging time of physical changes and mood swings and even though it happens to every woman, it is rarely discussed. We’re trying to raise awareness and understanding of the complexities of the menopause through the exhibition. It sounds quite a serious subject, but there’s also a lot of playfulness and fun in it. The exhibition’s not just for women ‘of a certain age’, but for everyone.”
Comments so far have included the following:
"What a moving exhibition. So tender, raw, challenging and joyful"
"Fabulous visual impact, loved exploring the contents"
"Raw and Emotional"
"As a man I found this very interesting, slightly intimidating, wonderfully creative and thought provoking"

"I had feared I’d be embarrassed – but this was fun. Thank you"

Changing Room is a commission by the Luminate Festival of Creative Ageing

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