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Friday, October 31, 2014

Looking to the Future

From Cathy Agnew, Chair of the Board of Trustees of DG Unlimited

November looks set to be one of the most important months in the development of DG Unlimited.

First comes the Annual Arts Convention in Stranraer – a location chosen by the Regional Arts Hub as a way of supporting arts development in the west. Following on from that, later in the month, will be a round table discussion involving the Board of Trustees and the Regional Hub which will be dedicated to trying to establish new ways of working.

This will be all about how to maximise the full energy and potential of the Regional Hub and make sure that the structures are in place for it to really drive forward the creative sector in D&G. This is essential if we are to realise our ambition of being truly member led. 

Just how much can and is being achieved in the arts will be on show for all to see at the convention on November 5th. And I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the numerous individuals and organisations who will be performing or making presentations at what promises to be a really inspiring event. Please join us in celebrating them. It will be a great showcase for the region, so if you have not already reserved your place just click here. DGU members and non-members are all welcome. The event is free and we are also laying on a bus.

Creative Scotland CEO Janet Archer is a keynote speaker, and there will be presentations by the area convenors and performances by Zoe Bestel, Alex McQuiston and Robyn Stapleton.

DGU is a young organisation but we have come a long way since the Fresh Start convention last November and there is a lot to celebrate. One example is the work done by the Regional Hub on developing the £100,000 Regional Arts Fund which has been created with Place Partnership funding from Creative Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway Council. Membership has grown fast and the Convenors have been doing an enormous amount to support individuals, organisations and projects.

An important next step will be the creation of two roles, the most immediate will be to provide admin support for the Regional Hub, the Area Convenors and the Board.

The roundtable meeting planned for late November will be dedicated to supporting the strengths and the central position of the Regional Hub and will look at how to ensure it is effectively represented on the board. Its position is key and the trustees are determined to do all they can to ensure it can exercise its strengths.

At the same time we are also delighted to introduce a new member to the Board of Trustees – someone many people will already know, the visual artist Bea Last. Bea has been in the region for around 20 years and recently became the DGU representative on the Visual Artists and Makers Award Scheme. As well as being an accomplished practitioner she has a great track record as an advisor and mentor.

I am sure that others will join me in welcoming Bea to the board, where her knowledge and insights will prove invaluable.

·       If you wish to contact us about the convention or any other matters just email

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