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Friday, October 3, 2014

Love Letters Straight From Your Heart @ Stranraer

From Luminate Scotland

Uninvited Guests and Fuel
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

Uninvited Guests stage an event that is somewhere between a wedding reception and a radio dedication show. We speak of our own and other's loves ‒ deep, passionate, ambivalent and unrequited ‒ and dedicate songs to them.

Love Letters Straight From Your Heart is a moving participatory event which is collaboratively authored by its audience who become a temporary community of close friends. It is an intimate performance for a limited audience for 35-40 (to be negotiated depending on space).

Love Letters Straight From Your Heart is Uninvited Guests’ most successful show to date and has been touring consistently since 2008 playing to sell out audiences at London’s Southbank Centre.

This tour has a particular focus on older audiences in locations in the Highlands and Islands. The tour is supported by Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing festival. At these venues, we will offer a workshop to engage these groups with the concept of the piece. We will create a comfortable and safe environment where they can work with the performers to write dedications that will be included in the show over tea and biscuits.

Before the show, audiences are invited to write dedications to those they love or care about, and these are worked into the event each night. Each performance is unique to that group of people, their memories, their current and past loves or friendships, their emotions, laid bare

The audience sit with us, facing one another, at two long tables. It shifts between theatre and a real social event; dedications are spoken, Cava is served, toasts are made, speeches are given, songs are sung and dances danced, on your behalf and with you. The performers are seated at opposite ends of the tables, with laptops, mixers and speakers facing each other, at a distance. They play back-to-back across the space between them, playing-out an amateur DJ battle, through songs of love and loss selected from their iTunes. A story unfolds through the lyrics of the tracks they play, from falling in love to falling apart, from first meeting to final parting.

Love Letters will be at the Ryan Centre, Stranraer on Sunday 12th October at 3pm. 

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