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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Its a new dawn, its a new day - new DGU roles offered

From DG Unlimited

DG Unlimited are offering two important new commissions for the the future of the arts sector in South West Scotland

The implementation of the Fresh Start proposals and the formation of the Chamber of the Arts was accompanied by the commissioning of a Regional Convenor and four Area Arts Hub Convenors. The Regional Convenor commission was originally set to run until July 2015. However the experience of the first year of this commission has made it clear that the breadth of activity required by the new Dumfries and Galloway arts model cannot be covered within the existing role of Regional Convenor alone.

The DGU Board of Trustees has proposed that the short term solution, to conclude the period of the current commission, is to split the Regional Convenor’s activities into two distinct Commissions, renamed ‘Policy and Development’ and ‘Administration’.

It should be noted that both Commissions run only until July 2015 and are open to all applicants. The successful candidates will be expected to have the skills to engage immediately with work already in progress.

Please send your letter of application with CV and the names of two referees to Jim Tildesley, DGU Secretary to by 5pm on Thursday 27th November 2014

Commission 1 - Policy and Development 

Duration: 7 months from December 2014 – July 2015
Total fees available: £10,500
It is expected that this Commission would engage an average of approximately 8-10 days per month

Main Function and Priorities
•    To encourage and support the Regional Arts Hub in the development of new proposals, initiatives and communications channels. To liaise between the activities of the Regional Arts Hub and the Board of Trustees
•    To co-ordinate and lead the work of all Area Hubs and aid communication between them and the Regional Arts Hub.
•    To liaise between the Area Hubs and the Board of Trustees.
•    To monitor and facilitate the requirements of the Members of the Chamber.
•    To liaise with the relevant communications teams over media and updates.
•    To finalise and implement the Regional Commissions evaluation criteria in conjunction with the Officers of Dumfries and Galloway Council.
•    To deliver a draft 2015 regional plan after consultation with stakeholders.
•    To organise the monitoring of the next phase of Regional Projects Fund.
•    To provide support for DGC and other agencies as appropriate.
•    To work closely with the holder of the Administration Commission.
•    To provide the DGU Board of Trustees with the reports required for their meetings.

Secondary Functions
To be achieved if opportunity and contract time allows:
•    Develop and implement national and international partnerships.
•    Develop and implement cross sector partnership planning.

Commission Person Specification
•    Proven track record of the development and management of “Arts” projects.
•    Experience of working with Committees and Trustees.
•    Experience of working with many different “arts” sectors.
•    Knowledge and experience of working successfully with DGU’s key partners. i.e. the Local Authority and Creative Scotland.
•    Demonstration of motivational skills.
•    Proven track record of working with “grass roots” organisations and individual artists.
•    Demonstration of excellent communication and presentation skills.
•    Proven track record in the preparation and delivery of reports to tight timescales.

•    Knowledge and/or experience of alternative funding sources for the “Arts”.
•    Knowledge and/or experience of developing national and international projects.
•    Knowledge of Word, Excel and social media channels.
•    Concise report writing. 

Commission 2 – Administration
Duration: 7 months from December 2014 – July 2015
Total fees available: £7,500
It is expected that this Commission would engage and average of approximately 10-12 days per month

Purpose – to provide administrative support to the DGU Board of Trustees and, where possible or practicable, the Area Hub Convenors.

Priority Tasks
•    To take and circulate the minutes for DGU Board meetings. (Note: Most meetings are held in Dumfries but a mileage allocation is set aside for this Commission to allow for travel to meetings.)
•    To take and circulate the minutes of any DGU sub-committee or working party.
•    To maintain the DGU Membership Records.
•    To prepare new membership applications for Board approval.
•    To take and circulate the minutes of the DGU AGM.
•    To take and circulate the minutes for Regional Hub meetings.
•    To liaise with the relevant communications team over media and updates.
•    To provide admin support for the Area Hubs.

Secondary Task, subject to available contract time
•    To assist the Policy and Development Commission holder in the preparation of reports.

Commission Person Specification
•    Ability to prepare concise minutes.
•    Clear understanding of confidentiality especially in relation to personal data.
•    Ability to work to tight timescales
•    Proven competence in the use of Word, Excel and social media channels.
•    Familiarity with updating of websites.

•    Knowledge of the Arts Sector
•    Knowledge of the operation of Local Authorities.

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