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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Modern Heritage Craft Opportunity with Spring Fling

From Rebecca at Spring Fling

It would be great if you could spread the word about this opportunity for 15-25 year olds in D&G. 

We ran the pilot in 2014 with Ian Cameron-Smith and Godfrey Smith and next year we're delighted to have Amanda Simmons and Shona Guthrie on board. 

What is the project?
A chance for two groups of young people to be tutored intensively for 10 days by a professional craft maker, to learn heritage craft skills, and to make at least one contemporary functional object which will be exhibited as part of Spring Fling 2015.
Snowdrops from Shona Guthrie
What is heritage craft, a craft maker, and what do you mean by a contemporary functional object?
Craft makers work with their hands and using tools, machinery and technology to make (usually) wearable or usable objects such as jewellery, clothes, shoes, furniture, pots, bowls and hats. They use materials such as metal, wood, glass, plastic, fabric, leather and clay. Some makers use traditional techniques and machinery, some use cutting edge new technology, and may use a combination. 
Dahlia Universe Duo large vessels by Amanda Simmons
The full information can be found on our website here

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