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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Patti Lean @ Catstrand

From Patti Lean

A great chance to catch some of Patti's work at the Catstrand until the end of this month, including new work from her recent residency in Iceland this summer.

'We are thrilled to be exhibiting the work of local artist Patti Lean at the CatStrand throughout November.  Patti  lives and works near Dunscore, Dumfries. She studied History of Art at Edinburgh University, then completed a BA (Hons) and a Master of Contemporary Fine Art at the University of Cumbria. She is influenced by contemporary abstract art, and makes frequent visits to Seawhite Studios in West Sussex to study with the abstract painter John Skinner.  Patti describes her work as “a response to the idea of the ‘continuous act of seeing’ that comes with hiking and walking in the environment; not only seeing, but also experiencing the sensation of rain, wind, snow etc., and hearing the sounds of the outdoors.” 

Olafsfjörður, Iceland: hiking study
(Limnology/Oceanology Series)
2014.  I
Exhibition is FREE and the work is for sale. For more info contact CatStrand 01644 420374 '

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