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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

21st Century Scottish Fiction - Call for Papers

From Carolyn Yates

Call for Papers
C21 Literature Special Issue 2016
Twenty-first Century Scottish Fiction

With the opening of Scottish Parliament in 1999 and the independence referendum in September 2014, the twenty-first century thus far has been a time of important political change in the Scottish nation.

This special issue of C21 Literature asks how the literary landscape of Scotland has evolved over this period, and asks if Scottish fiction can offer insights into questions around locality, nationhood, and the global in the twenty-first century. Is it possible to speak of a national literature with reference to writing from Scotland?

The journal calls for articles examining all aspects of post-millennial Scottish literature. Articles may address but are not limited to: 

politics and 21st century Scottish fiction
Scottish history and/ or tradition in the new millennium
Scottish genre fiction
literature and the independence referendum
negotiating the local and the global
reconfigurations and dis/continuities in 21st century Scottish literature
new perspectives on the Scottish canon
spatiality and/or temporality
gender and nation in the new millennium

How does such writing inform our thinking in the twenty-first century, within Scotland and beyond?

Articles should be 6000–7000 words. Reviews and conference reports should be 1000–2000 words.

Deadline:1st October 2015 . See the 21st Century Scottish Fiction website for full details.

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