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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oriental Dance Exercise Classes in Wigtown

From Petra Stetina

We moved to the Machars a year ago and I have been doing a weekly ODE (Oriental Dance Exercise) class ever since. I am not very good with advertising so its usually just me and a couple of dedicated ladies, so I would love to reach a wider audience because IT IS SOOOOOO MAGICAL the way these movements ( circles, spirals, 8,s, etc) up and down spine and extremities, enhance happiness and well-being of body mind and spirit!

Of course they do, because these are the movements of the UNIVERSE! the movements of the ATOMS! i can only strongly strongly recommend it!we move tooooooo little in our so called "civilised" society-this is EASY, MEDITATIVE, REPETiTIVE,(no choreography-no memorising or counting steps,as this distracts from the essence of the movement) it  also gives you a six pack after some time, is a really good exercise for all the  internal organs(womens especially!) strenghtens core muscles, improves balance, coordination, posture, breathing, flexibility, AND JOY de VIVRE!

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