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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Open Call: Material Culture with Kalopsia Collective

From Kalopsia Collective

Textiles practice has born descriptions such as craft and even ‘women’s work’, while art forms such as painting and sculpture have overtaken textiles in terms of prestige within the world of art. And yet, beyond traditional art, the high fashion industry is a beacon of wealth and status. But with the rise of technology and globalisation and with textile production occurring en masse though cheap labour and new machinery we beg to question where do textiles fit into our modern culture?
- How do we value their worth and the worth of material in our culture. 
We are welcoming works from all disciplines, and are not restricted to textiles. Furthermore, we want to push the boundaries of textiles as a medium so contemporary and adventurous textile pieces will be very well received.

This will be an exhibition that evokes and answers questions but which also provokes thoughts and discussions on the place of material within our history and our even more importantly, our culture.

Download the submission form here or contact us at or call 07925843290
The deadline is 28 January 2015 at 14:00.

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