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Friday, February 13, 2015

Proposed Bruce visitor centre for empty Poundstretcher store

From Morag Muego

After many years, the shops above the site of Greyfriars altar are empty and have become available. The Bruce Trust are launching a campaign to acquire the ex Poundstretcher shop on Castle Street and create an interactive visitor centre around Robert the Bruce. Archeological digs carried out in 1901 and 1961, beneath these shops, found the site of the high altar and also human remains. These are held in Dumfries Museum.
The campaign goes by the name of Bruce in Dumfries and you can follow it online here

We know this would be a huge benefit to the town in terms of visitors, but primarily we would be investing in our own culture and history. Along with Burns and Barrie, Bruce completes the three Bs in Dumfries. All the associated sites are within walking distance of each other and easily accessible.

We need as many folk as possible to lend their support to this campaign - please visit the facebook page and share it. The more interest there is, the better the chance is of making it happen.

The Robert the Bruce Commemoration Trust, formed in 2000, have worked ceaselessly to raise awareness of Bruce and the events surrounding him all across Dumfries and Galloway. They have an excellent informative website and Facebook page. They staged a live re-enactment on the street with actors in costume on the 700th anniversary in 2006. They also created the Bruce Trail, with information boards in multiple sites in our region.

Where is old Greyfriars where Bruce slew Comyn in 1306? The man on the right of the picture is standing beside the plaque marking the spot.

More recently, a film of the Murder in Greyfriars was made with Scene1Take1, using local actor Robert Meiklem as Bruce. Currently, a new film is near completion, following Bruce along the trail and showcasing the landscape and history of Dumfries and Galloway. They also run regular debates and lectures, attracting eminent authors and historians.

Our town witnessed the birth of Scotland as a nation - we should do all we can to tell the world that this is where it happened.

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