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Friday, February 20, 2015


From The Whitehouse Gallery


The Whitehouse Gallery is to spring to life in an explosion of colourful Fine Art and Applied Art & Craft. ‘Kaleidoscope II’ will run from 28th February to 25th April, with the preview opening starting from 11am on Saturday 28th February. All are welcome to attend, and will be treated to a complementary glass of fizz and handmade chocolates upon arrival.

This exhibition welcomes a handful of new Fine Artists to the gallery for the first time, alongside some of our more regular exhibitors. Internationally renowned Scott Naismith finds much of his inspiration for his vibrant, atmospheric oil paintings from the many glens, lochs and isles of the West Coast of Scotland. Scott’s vigorous application of his vivid colours with palette knife and brush represents the fast changing light conditions of this part of the world.

Also inspired by rugged northern landscape or coastal scenes, Louise O’Hara likes to work with mixed media , incorporating hand dyed vintage fabrics which are hand and machine stitched with acrylic and drawing materials. Louise’s work explores the richness of light, colour and texture of her surroundings.

Cameron Watt delights in his use of colour. Although a distinctively contemporary painter, Watt works within a painterly tradition, depicting the everyday quiet moments which often go by unnoticed in his own unique painterly style.

‘Connections’ by Scott Naismith

Sylvia Paul has been a professional artist for more than thirty years and still enjoys challenging and developing her creativity. Sylvia is known for working with a range of mediums including collage and textiles, but it is her oils which will be the focus for this exhibition. Sylvia paints bold and colourful still life paintings, having developed a free and expressive style of working with oils using a knife over an under painting of acrylics.

Sophie McKay Knight’s work has always been based on the human figure, with an interest in the things that make up a whole person, including inside the body and mind. Sophie’s work is mixed media, layering acrylic paint with screenprint, often finished off with pastels and drawing materials.

William Neal’s iridescent paintings are the result of a unique approach to painting which Neal has developed over the years. What results are rich and luminous colours which change depending upon the light source they are presented with, each with its own unique translucent quality.

We welcome the return of Borders based Moy Mackay, who uses merino fleece fibres in the same way that a painter uses brushstrokes, to create ‘felt paintings’ with extraordinary warmth and texture. Her vibrant works have gained her popularity on an international scale.

Patricia Sadler is delivering a selection of landscapes and still life paintings, all with the colour theme in mind. Her landscapes depict richly coloured rolling hills and the patchwork quilt of fields with dark shapes of woodland which are all inspired by her love of her native Scottish Borders. Her still life works are as equally rich in colour and texture, using acrylic and watercolour then being built up in layers of mixed media.

Rona Lee also returns with a selection of landscape and still life paintings, working with acrylic washes which are applied layer by layer, a style which has evolved over Lee’s twenty five years as a professional artist.

We are delighted to welcome back Emma Williams, whose contemporary still life paintings have a soft colour palette, making them a clean and fresh inclusion in an otherwise bold and vivid exhibition.

Este Macleod works primarily as a colourist painter applying a unique sense of design to her work, which is strongly influenced by her training as a textile designer with a background in ceramics. Shirley Vauvelle also comes from this background, and still produces her quirky and popular ceramic sculpture, but has more recently begun to focus on painting as a creative medium. Her paintings are concerned with exploring colour, texture and space on the canvas, inspired by moments which inspire her on a daily basis.

Ingebjorg Smith is exhibiting a collection of her extremely popular evocative and magical collage works which feature birds and animals, alongside Jennie Ashmore's leaf works collection, featuring a range of wonderful flower and leaf collage works. Recent Leaf works have been made using plant materials mostly from Jennie's garden in Auchencairn, reflecting a good summer where colour was rich and in abundance.

Debbie Lord is exhibiting some of her colourful and fun framed glass pictures which depict coastal scenes and landscapes, not only inspired by her home of Cornwall but also Dumfries & Galloway, as she spent many years living here in her childhood. New sculpture will also be exhibited by Michael Lythgoe, Urpu Sellar and Cheryl Smith. There will also be a wide selection of Applied Art & Craft, including handblown glass by Elin Isaksson which are simple in form, and feature subtle colour blends with beautiful results.

Jewellery will be exhibited from two designers: Becky Crow returns with some of her evocative work, which is a mixture of wearable jewellery and three dimensional illustration. Her work is inspired by the great outdoors, and she usually works with silver, copper and gold leaf. Heather Andrews also takes inspiration for her work from her surroundings, and her silver jewellery is beautifully and ethically handmade from her studio in SW Scotland.

Textiles will be on show from three different makers. Heather Potten is giving us some of her felted bowls and wall hangings, Karen Suzuki is delivering some of her quirky handmade textile animal sculpture whilst Jo Gallant is giving us a brand new collection of her cushions including new designs for the new year.

There will also be a new collection of ceramics by Isabel Merrick, as well ongoing sculpture, furniture, baskets, glass, ceramics and much more.

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