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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bunbanter’s Young Scottish Theatre Groups, Carronbridge

From Philip Anderson-Dyer

Bunbanter’s Young Scottish Theatre Groups, Carronbridge.

In January 2015 The Bunbury Banter Theatre Company CIC started a theatre group in Carronbridge (Nithsdale) with the aim of bringing the young people from Sanquhar, Thornhill and surrounding areas together and to develop student’s confidence, creativity and imagination through the medium of theatre, the use of storytelling and a variety of other creative practices.

So far this has been a huge success, attracting young people from both areas and forming the beginnings of an exceptionally solid, supportive and friendly group dynamic.

The first term's work has been focused on introducing basic theatrical skills, games and exercises, encouraging group bonding in order to create an 'ensemble'. In the course of this, students have explored many things including the ideas behind storytelling (such as fairy tales and Roald Dahl) and examined the origin of the chorus in Greek Theatre. Next Term, they will be moving onto a media project during the early weeks and have visitors popping in, later on in the term, such as a professional Lighting and Sound designer, who'll be exploring the technical side of the theatre.

The Bunbury Banter Theatre Comapny's main aim as an organisation is improving the access to theatre and when forming their groups locally, it was quickly discovered that transport is a recognised issue for many people living in rural areas. So, to counteract this, Bunbanter quickly organised a private bus service to and from the class, for the students from Sanquhar Academy and also arranged to open up their venue early, to accommodate those studying at Wallace Hall Academy; so they are able to get on the public bus from Thornhill which arrives at 4pm. Money and financial constraints can also be a block to young people accessing such classes but again Bunbanter have a number of resources in place, so they can offer scholarships and assistance, should that be needed by any of their students.

In addition to the younger group, next term Bunbanter is also going to open the second group for ages between 16-25 years. More information is to be released over the Easter break but similarly to the earlier class, their artistic director, Ali Anderson-Dyer, will be using all the disciplines and practices found within the theatre to further the students both individually and as a group, exploring many different performance styles and practices, whilst developing a fun and welcoming place to make new friends and learn new skills.

The Bunbury Banter Theatre Company CIC has a successful background of running fun, enjoyable and interesting classes across London and the UK; and as with all their work, the groups in Carronbridge exist to challenge and inspire young creatives in a safe and supported environment, regardless of personal circumstance.

See the Bunbanter website here for more information

Email or Call 01848 330493

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