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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mysterious Report into Region's Creative Industries...

Puzzled looks and rumours of industry 'big-hitters' coming to town were the order of the day in connection with a a mysterious report into the region's 'creative industries'....apparently we have a 'dedicated support unit' in the Economic Development wing of the cooncil....who knew?....maybe you knew (did DG Untitled know?).....if so do tell!

It appears there are roving bands of people wearing hoodies and no shoes in D+G and they are making £50M a year.....

Here is the report in the Galloway Gazette:

Today (Monday, February 23) national and local business support providers will gather to hear Dr Stephen Connolly of DC Research present the findings of “A Review of the Support Needs of the Creative Industries Sector in Dumfries and Galloway”.

The Creative Industries Sector is emerging as a key economic sector in Dumfries and Galloway employing over 900 people with an annual turnover approaching £50 million. Dumfries and Galloway Council commissioned this independent review to identify the business support requirements of the sector.
This is the first time such a detailed examination of all of the strands that make up our region’s creative industries has been undertaken. It is also timely as the Scottish Government is currently examining “the economic impact of the Creative Industries” in Scotland.
The review highlights the need for organisations to work in partnership to ensure creative businesses are aware of wide range of support currently available to them.
In addition it identifies a range of particular support needs including networking, sector specific advice, funding, recruitment of skilled staff and exporting beyond the region and internationally.
Councillor Colin Smyth, Chairman of the Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee explained “it is important that we share the findings of the review with other national and local organisations at this time, so that we can work together to address the issues identified and support the future growth of the Creative Industries in the region.”


  1. This is extremely worrying that none of us are included in this. Worried much?

  2. Dear The Commonty,
    The 'Mysterious' Report into Region's Creative Industries may refer to a document that has been in progress with Lesley Rogers, Creative Arts and Business Adviser in Economic Development department of DGC. The Commonty preamble to the shared article is typically 'tongue-in-cheek' a good thing, as long as it is understood as humorous and not read as real suspicion or paranoia! One of DGU's tasks is to achieve confident partnership working across the arts and creative industry sectors, and this is what we are all working hard to achieve-albeit somewhat challenging when so many wish to remain anonymous and many have yet to take up the opportunities offered... Come on people! Represent yourselves, it is the only way to reach the transparent sector-led culture that will best benefit all. If you don't mind me asking, how can anyone include the anonymous's? They are so anonymous... Real people with real concerns will get real answers and real progress. Sorry, I digress.
    So anyway, what is an "industry big hitter", can you unwrap this term for me?
    I notice the DG Unlimited reference is (probably) deliberately misspelt, if so, do you really think it is helpful to ridicule the organisation that is established by artists and creative organisations to tackle inequalities and to promote all members of the D&G creative community? If you are anything like my family, teasing means you like someone, are interested and trust them, so I hope that is the spirit in which you are writing :o) Any queries about 'what is going on!?' can be directed to or your local arts hub convenor, email/phone contacts found on the DG Unlimited website . We are here to serve and research on your behalf wherever necessary.
    The article from the Galloway Gazette is positive, which is great. We'll hopefully see the full DGC report soon and share accordingly.
    Love and best wishes to all, thanks The Commonty for your stimulating blogging and public space for discussion, great stuff.

    Cate Ross
    Stewartry Arts Hub Convenor
    The Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of the Arts (DGUnlimited)
    Scottish Charity: SCO44658

    c/o The Municipal Chambers
    Buccleuch Street,
    DG1 4AD


  3. Hey Cate - we have taken the (diabolical) liberty of gathering together your comments as per the instructions on one of your later posts....hope we got it right?
    Re 'industry big hitter' - the Urban Dictionary defines the phrase as:
    One who carries a lot of weight and influence in the work that he/she does. A big hitter is noted for his respect among clients and the industry that he serves.
    As ever thank you for the care and commitment you bring to everything you do,
    much love x
    PS we always recommend that anyone who has a lot to say on the blog writes their comments into a Word.doc (or similar) and then copies into a comment that if regular internet gremlins do strike you have not lost your precious words.

    1. Thank you Dear The Commonty, very helpful indeed :o) You's missed a wee bit, so here it is:
      Belle Doyle (Nithsdale Arts Hub Convenor) and I were both involved in a session coordinated by Lesley Rogers and involving other arts and business specialists last year in the late development stages of this report and it is my impression that they used the thoroughly researched findings of the Fresh Start For the Arts consultation (2011-2012) to guide their way. In my humble opinion this is a sign of DGC getting their head around the fact that creative industries is an important (essential) way forward in the region, and that can only benefit creative individuals and organisations as long as we all join in positively and constructively. Now to address how DGC Economic Development and other departments can better partner up with DGU (thus the arts sector), a big and important task!

  4. Crack a smile Cate – Commonty has been like a misfit cousin over the years, charming and infuriating the arts family in equal measure.
    For many, Commonty has been the place we looked to see what was going on - in the case of the birthing of DGU in particular. I could argue that Commonty in some ways ‘IS’ DGU, if you trace the start of this whole journey back to the artist meeting in Rhonehouse in January 2011. Commonty covered this meeting and all the other twists and turns from then on, when no one else was taking a lot of notice. The archive of the blog is now priceless for future researchers who want to tell the story.
    In the darkest days of DGU (when Katherine O’Neill was leaving) Commonty rallied the troops to keep the faith. In any family it is easy to forget the history in the heat of the moment. DG Untitled appears to me like an affectionate family nickname – for long periods of time Commonty kept the brand (that became DGU) alive with fun names like FreshChamberCouncilStartHub, for those of us that have lived through this whole thing DG Untitled is a gentle reminder of the stravaig we have all been on together.

    1. I much appreciate your response The Original Anonymous :o) I always like to seek the upside and smiling is excellent for health. I totally agree with you and have always been greatly heartened by the authentic discussion space created by The Commonty...Regarding your take on the 'affectionate' terminology it is as I thought. Long live the Commonty and all who comment! C'mon tae x