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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Pleasures of the Text

From Chrys Salt

BIG LIT: The Stewartry Book Festival April 16th – 19th.
On Friday April 17th 3.00pm – 6.00pm A WRITERS WORKSHOP with Michèle Roberts
Venue: The Faed Gallery: Mill on The Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet.
Price: £25

Booker award nominee and award winning novelist Michèle Roberts will run a writers workshop as part of To book and for more information: Places are limited so first come, first served.

The Pleasures of the Text: a fiction workshop with Michèle Roberts exploring writing about sex. How do we write about sex? Do we get trapped in flowery writing or clinical writing? Does porn silence us or empower us?
The winner of the Literary Review's 2014 Bad Sex Award, Ben Okri's The Age of Magic
Does the Bad Sex Award encourage good writing or does it put authors off completely for fear they will be shortlisted and mocked? Why write about sex at all? What does that word mean and involve? This workshop will explore these questions through a series of short writing exercises, which will be read out so that participants can learn from each other in a safe, friendly, lighthearted atmosphere. The aim is to have fun, write differently, discover new pleasures in our texts.

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