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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amphetameanies in Moniaive

Video From Mark MacLachlan - here:
Seems like big things are in the air in the arts in D+G at the mo -  this was certainly the atmosphere at the Moniaive Institute on Saturday for the local debut of long-term favourites of the UK Ska scene The Amphetameanies. Commonty member and co-lead singer Jane Chalmers moved here 3 years ago from Glasgow - at Moniaive the Meanies were joined on stage by Alex Kapranos....Alex was a member of the Meanies before his success as frontman of Franz Ferdinand. It was a top night with many stand out sounds and images - none more so than seeing the glitterati of the Glasgow art scene having their tea in Craigdarroch Arms!
Amphetameanies in Moniaive -Jane Chalmers 3rd from left, Alex Kapranos on her immediate right

Jane and Alex have talked about The Stove project (town centre - Dumfries...more later) and are keen to be part of developments there....big things indeed!

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